Top Kawasaki ZX-10R 2011

The current ZX-10R is the lowest revving literbike (aside from the Aprilia RSV4), so Speaking of the S1000RR, that’s the stunning new target Kawasaki has to aim for in this revitalized market segment. The new Ninja will have comprehensive instrumentation, including the ability to switch between street and track displays. A performance-based anti-lock braking system will be optional, but a BMW-like quick-shifter won’t be part of the package.

We’re told to expect a TC system that is better than the BMW package on the S1000RR, able to be toggled through more customizable settings. Perhaps the headlining news is that Kawi’s lawyers have allowed engineers to develop what might turn out to be a class-leading electronic rider-aid package, including multi-adjustable traction control. This design concept sketch shows the general styling theme of the 2011 ZX-10R, but the race version (based upon the production bike) seen at Suzuka deviates significantly from the sketch, especially the shape and design of the side fairing panels. Rumors suggest a production version of the new 10R can lap Kawi’s Autopolis test track seconds quicker than the 2010 model. It’s a total ground-up redesign.

And yet, despite the apparent lack of visible innovation, we’re told to expect a seriously competitive liter sized sportbike. Instead, we find an evolutionary literbike design of a traditional inline Four engine wrapped in a perimeter beam aluminum frame. Rumors of variable valve timing are also likely unfounded. The new 10R has neither a big bang firing order nor a horizontal placement of its cylinders, despite fanciful speculation in lesser publications.  First off, let’s dispel two wild rumors.