The New BMW F 650 GS 2011

I stopped the motorcycle at the end of the Home appeared too quickly. My kind of performance. This motorcycle is smooth, quiet, and seems to pull no matter what speed I'm traveling or what gear I'm in.

A little side trip up a gravel road did the trick. I had to pull over and look at the controls for everything to make sense. A smarter person could make the adjustment on the road. The turn signals took a couple of practice runs to reprogram my brain from the one button all function switch on the Vespa to the three button self canceling function of the BMW.

Just a less than direct ride home from work with a few stops to check out the motorcycle. I didn't really have time for any riding today. This bike has ABS brakes, heated grips, built in port for electrics, and a lot more. A quick check of the bike and the controls revealed a big difference from the usual tools on my Vespa.

But who am I to complain? I get nervous being the first one to take something out on the road. Zero miles on the odometer. This one is brand new. So I am starting with a BMW F 650 GS.

I was going to wait until the weather was a bit warmer but when Craig Kissell send an email asking when I was going to take a GS for a ride what could I do?  The time has arrived to check out one of the new BMW motorcycles at Kissell Motorsports.