Modifikasi Yamaha Mio 2011 Stylish Bumblebee

Well it would be if a young man infatuated with the movie Transformers. Motor was changed by taking the inspiration of the Bumblebee.

Is Muhammad Reza (19) who are crazy enough to realize Bumblebee to the real world through the 2002 Yamaha Mio hers.

And modifier of Tauco Custom, Topo Goedel Atmodjo share the crazy with yes. Finally Bumbleebee Reza choice to be installed on the bike.

"All this is inspired from the Transformers movie to be an idea to make it deh. This would be an extreme concept. I like Bumbleebee because he did not look fierce as any other robot. So I want to make my bike as Bumbleebee," said Reza to detikOto, Friday ( 19/11/2010).

To realize the Bumblebee became apparent, Reza came to Tauco Custom by Yamaha Mio change the overall shape and give the impression of toughness will this motor.

Mio replaced the entire order by using the pipe hollo measuring 4x2 cm and 2x2 cm. To make the body style boxes robot, Topo using typical Tauco Custom galvanized plate. Motor was dilaburi typical yellow Bumblebee.

As for the legs, front shock mengadops Honda Tiger, with Rotora rim and tire size 14 inch tire size 110/70/14 deli.

Go to the back, using a Suzuki Satria shocknya, with tire size of 140/60/14 tires deli.

For the lighting using the headlights of Honda Supra X 125, and stoplamp Honda Grand. Speedometer Koso installed to enhance the racing. While the exhaust wearing Kwangen product.

Views Bumbleebee owned by Reza is still not perfect in his eyes. Students still want to modify it.

"For now this view has not been perfect for the back so I put it back in Tauco Custom to dimodikasi the back to make it look more dynamic compared to the front," said Reza.

Total Reza spent Rp 25 million to modify the Transformers robot riding style. (DDN / DDN) Source:M Luthfi Andika - detikOto